Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Go thee hence

I am here to happily report that this blogspot/blogger blog has reached the end of its usefulness. But, fear not, I have migrated my blog to a FANCY NEW PLACE! You can see it by visiting here: There are tabs along the top to help you navigate to various places. I now have two blogs. One is still named How to Be a Proper Lady, and contains most of the content that this blog had. And the other is brand new, named Extra Ordinary, and will be a magical place of fiction. All that now exists there is a description of what the blog is for (hard to go into here, so you can find out there). Soon, I hope, there will be actual content.

While this is all an unofficial reveal, I may as well mention that the appearance of has also gotten a facelift, as well as a few useful links. Many thanks to the lovely husby for his mad web skillz and ability to take my rough directions of style (fashion!) and make them look pretty.

Anyway, this is all still on the d/l, but I figured faithful followers of this bloggity blog should be the first in the know.

Oh, and also, you should please reset your links or bookmarks, because some day in the near future, I have great plans to oliterate all of my content on blogger.

x Andrle x